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Your home is probably the biggest purchase you will make, and your home loan is likely to be your largest financial commitment. You’ll look at many houses before you find the one for you and it pays to be just as careful when choosing your home loan and your home loan specialist.

Wellington Mortgage Broker and home loansWith direct access to the major banks and other lenders Ellison Financial Services can help you choose the right home loan. Not only do we guide you through the many options available we also give you great advice on how to structure your loan to ensure it is paid in the quickest possible time saving you thousands of dollars in interest.

As we are paid by these lenders there is no fee to our clients.

So what do we do for you?

  • We help you put your loan application together.
  • We know the interest rates and application criteria for the different lenders, and will negotiate terms on your behalf.
  • We may be able to get you a better deal from the lender than if you went direct.
  • We may be able to help you find a loan even if your bank has previously turned you down.
  • We guide you through the home purchase process from obtaining a pre-approved loan, selecting a home; through to settlement.
  • We structure your loan to ensure this is paid as soon as possible. Saving you $’s in interest.
  • We maintain regular contact after settlement to make sure your interest rate remains competitive; and you remain on the fast track to being mortgage free.
  • We recommend trusted advisers (solicitors; registered valuers; real estate agents and housing inspectors) who can help you with your home purchase.

Mortgage Tips

  • By using your home loan account as your transactional bank account you are able to pay your mortgage off much faster! This is proven to be the quickest way of paying down a home loan but requires discipline and careful planning.
  • Ensure you don’t over commit - ideally your total monthly debt payments (mortgage and other debts) shouldn’t exceed 36% of your gross monthly income. This is a good starting point, and over time if you can reduce that number you’ll be in pretty good shape.





Insurance Wellington

We help when things go wrong.

Having a great home and a lifestyle are pretty important. It’s also important to think about what would happen if we lost them. Nobody wants to worry about losing their home, not having the income to enjoy their lifestyle, or not being there for their family.

Wellington Insurance Broker, Wellington Mortgage BrokerBut this is something we should all consider. Think about it, put the right insurance in place, and then get on with enjoying your home and lifestyle.

Our approach to insurance is simple and practical. We look to minimise your premiums but also arrange sufficient cover to ensure those things that matter most to you, are protected. Not too much and not too little.

We have relationships with a number of the leading insurance companies and are able to offer you the range of insurance products.

All our recommendations are backed by independent research provided by Quality Product Research Limited. Copy of the report.

We also are able to provide advice and competitive quotes for all your home, contents and vehicle cover.

Insurance Tips

  • Can you afford it if the unexpected happened? If you died, would your family manage without your income? If your house burnt down could you afford to rebuild it? If the answer is No then you should seriously consider taking out insurance.
  • Not all insurance policies are the same. It’s easy to compare two policies on price. Yet the cover may be very different.
  • At least once, read and understand your policy and its exclusions



Smart Money System

Smart Money System

After many years of giving people financial advice for a living, it is always disappointing to see the large number that ignored this. It’s not because they disagreed with the advice, only that they didn’t implement the necessary changes.Finance Adviser Wellington

This disconnect between knowing what we should do, and taking action, is one of the biggest stumbling blocks preventing us from achieving our goals - whether it’s losing weight, getting fit or reducing debt.

Our smart money system sets out to remove this disconnect by establishing a prescribed method of receiving and spending money. Because the system is also supported by ongoing financial mentoring we continue to get great results.

So if reducing interest payments, saving money, buying your first home or achieving other financial goals are important our smart money system is for you.

The smart money plan is prepared through an associate company. Click to enlarge.

Smart Money Tips

  • Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean “stop spending”. Sticking to a budget means “stop spending money you don’t have”. There’s a huge difference between the two.
  • If you can’t afford to pay off your credit card each month then don’t use it.
  • Don’t leave your finances for someone else to look after, make sure you understand what’s going on. Nobody is motivated to look after your money like you are.



Wellington Mortgage Broker, Porirua Mortgage Broker

Wellington Mortgage Broker, Porirua Mortgage Broker

wellington mortgage broker, mortgage broker, Porirua Mortgage Broker

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